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If you're desperate for Hospitality workers - you're in the right place! Over2Aus is connecting Hospitality talent from the UK with Australian employers (like you)
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Filling Your Role

How It Works


Best Talent

We'll headhunt the best, motivated, young talent from the UK and help them move over to Australia.

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Job Advertising

We'll advertise your role across UK job boards - expanding your job reach to up to a potential 9.8m users

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Pay When They Start

To hire, there is a fixed monthly rate per employee... and this only starts when they start!

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We Help Them Move

We'll assist with visas, work rights, bank accounts, legal requirements and general day to day life in Aus!

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Permanent Options

We'll guide you both through the process, to ensure both parties are legally compliant to staying permanently in your role

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Volume Discounts

If you want to hire in bulk, we can most certainly help. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements

Hiring Process

Expand your workforce with fresh talent. Here's how we do it


We'll headhunt motivated talent that are ready to move to Aus and begin working for you. You'll have access to some of the UK's top candidates.

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Applicant Screening

Applicants are pre-screened to ensure you get the best talent and skillset. We'll analyse work experience, qualifications and experience. Once candidates are confirmed you can trial them with no commitments.

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Working Holiday Visa

Typically, your employee will arrive in Australia on a working holiday visa. This visa allows them to work for you for up to 6 months.

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We will ensure your employee has all the relevant certifications to begin work. This includes their RSA (responsible service of alcohol licence)
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Workplace Trials

Now that your employee is ready to go, you will have the opportunity to trial them to see for yourself whether they are a good fit for you.

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Visas & Legal Help

No idea how all the legal stuff works? Throughout the process Over2Aus will support you and your employee to ensure both parties are meeting legal requirements.

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How To Hire

Dependent on the role you wish to fill, there are two employment options for hiring. You can either post a job or hire from our ready-to-go talent pool

Post A Job
If your role is specific - we generally suggest posting a job. We'll post your job for free on our website and will discuss additional advertising to get maximum exposure!

Free listing on Over2Aus

Pre-screened for you

Talent Pools
If your job is broad (think bartenders and general labourers), we most likely have candidates ready to go. This means we can place someone with you straight away and you can skip out on the job ad fees
Hire From Pool


How Can I Hire Hospitality Workers?
Hiring Hospitality workers is easy with Over2Aus. You can either post a job or hire from the talent pool.

How Does The Talent Pool Work?
As we have built up connections within the Hospitality industry, we have a ready-to-go talent pool of Hospitality workers that would be perfect for your role! With the talent pool, we can place these employees with you ready to start. This saves you time and money.
Do I Have To Pay For Their Move?
No, if you want to hire Hospitality workers, you won't have to pay for them to come over. As these candidates are wanting to already make the move, they will be funding their trip. With Over2Aus's help, we will organise their visa, accommodation, Aussie admin (bank accounts, TFNs etc) and any required certification so that when they start with you - they are totally ready to go!