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We're sooo stoked to partner up with Skydive Australia - giving you $40 off every jump you do! All you need to do is use the code when you book online or over the phone!

Life feeling mundane? Got something big to celebrate? Just keen to kick start some courage? No matter your reason for planning a skydive, we're here to help you with a skydive package for every budget and every situation.

If you want our honest opinion, skydiving would be fun no matter where you landed. In fact, you could plummet towards a barren desert or an empty field of grass and we bet you’d still be screaming with joy. But when you team your skydive with picturesque views, the experience becomes utterly euphoric. Take a journey to one of our idyllic locations and you’ll be treated to the most spectacular skydiving views this continent has to offer.

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