2021 Visa Changes: UK to Australia has never been so easy!

2021 Visa Changes: UK to Australia has never been so easy!

In a welcoming shift to current news trends, especially concerning travel and immigration, the UK and Australian government today announced a groundbreaking new trade agreement. The agreement is huge for anyone from the uk with an interest of working away and taking in all that Australia has to offer to anyone that dares to fly down under.

No More Farm Work

A massive part of the agreement see’s the once mandatory farm-work abolished. Since 2005 brits have had to carry out a minimum of 3 months of 'farm-work’ to be eligible to apply for a subsequent working holiday visa. The conditions and types of work are not good and often contributed to trips being cut short and secondary visas not being granted. With this soon to be no longer in effect for British working holiday makers it allows more time to enjoy all that Australia has to offer as well as boosts the potential to make good career and employment advances.

Age Limit

Another change agreement will make is the upper age limit on working holiday visas which has now gone up from 30 to 35, thus allowing more people the opportunity to work and live in what many see as paradise. The new age limit means you can arrive on a working holiday before your 36th birthday. This is a fantastic update to the outdated limit of 31 and gives so many more people the opportunity to give Aus a go.

What does this mean for you?

The announcement is still fresh and while it is signed by both countries the finer details are still being agreed and will be announced officially once the agreement becomes policy. That being said, there has never been a better time to think about making the leap, wages are at an all time high and there's a massive demand for workers in all sectors and the lifestyle really is like no other.

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What we can Do!

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