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Job Description

NOMADS pride ourselves on providing exceptional experiences to travellers across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

We’ve taken a beating like all business have during Covid, but we’re looking at bright horizons and are ready to grow our teams to capitalise on the positive future.

Our staff is made up of seasoned travellers as at the root of all travel it's the people that make your experience exceptional and we're looking for passionate individuals who share our mission. We're focused on being innovative industry leaders, and providing clean, secure and friendly accommodation, bars, tours and events. 

Travel has the ability to change a persons view of the world, and as part of our team that, above all else, is the goal, everyday.

  • We are looking for superstars to join our team in the following positions:
  • Bar Attendants
  • Reception Attendants / Brand Ambassadors
  • Housekeeping Crew (AIR & MGI)

Work In paradise with a bunch of legends and make some memories! Hit apply to apply to this role

Accommodation options available.

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We Do It All

We take care of all the faff so that you are ready to begin your new chapter in Australia. This includes getting you a SIM, bank account, accommodations and other must haves.

Visa Application
Our agents will carefully process your student visa and get you enrolled on your dream course down under!
SIM Card
We'll get you setup on our recommended provider Circles so you can just pop your sim in and go (your phone will need to be unlocked for this to work)
Bank Account
We recommend making use of a travel card like Revolut or Wise, but we can help setup an account with a native Aussie bank (Commonwealth) if you'd like it.
We can hook you up with awesome accommodation on a case by case basis. Let us know what you'd like and we can have a look!
We'll process your visa, get you enrolled and offer ongoing assistance throughout your studies in Australia.
We've compiled some of the best discounts and offers we could find. There's a ton more to come in future too!